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Are you a "Placemaker"? - We need your Vision & Skills

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

Placemaker (noun): someone who sees and manifests the potential of a place for social impact.

Placemakers build, restore, beautify and optimize. They make spaces functional, comfy, vibe-y, socially-driven, and/or economical. These skills manifest structurally, internally, and externally, with buildings, nature, and public spaces. They make places better.


Many of the places we occupy don't reflect the goodness, vitality, and opportunity they could. Truthfully, many of places we avoid feel dark, dingy, low, dangerous, ominous, and drag us down. There are not enough spaces, especially for those with harder stories, that lift us up.


Focus on the art, craft, and skills of placemaking as a networked-unit to transform and elevate our places to reflect the goodness that exists in people.


Unite and empower the placemakers of our region to transform our spaces.


Again, if you might be a Placemaker in Greater Dayton, fill out this form.

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