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Business as Mission: A Future Network in Greater Dayton

Updated: Jun 23

Business as Mission (BAM): business is ministry.

whereas internal culture and external impact are building the Kingdom first. It's all God's.

Understand in 2.5 minutes


  • Christ-following business people often don't know how to live out their Kingdom Calling and assignment within their business.


  • Community-building of Kingdom business people to Unleash the energy, joy, acumen, and influence of business to the frontier of the Kingdom.


  • All Christ-following business people are enjoying the journey of building God's Kingdom collectively and in their own unique way.


  • Asset map existing kingdom business people.

  • If you are interested or involved in Business as Mission work in Greater Dayton, Please Fill Out This Form.

  • Interconnect Business as Mission individuals to discuss focus areas and goals.

  • Strategize initiatives with and alongside other national and local networks. See pathways below.


90-second intro to FDE Groups

"No one can serve two Masters" - Jesus

"What is the Purpose of Business?" watch example below from our good friend Al Caperna.

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