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Ohioans for Foster Care: Let's Go to the CAFO Summit! September in Nashville.

Join this Group if you are an Ohioan wanting to connect with others in the CAFO context.

Founded in 2004, CAFO (Christian Alliance for Orphans) is a global community that unites and strengthens Christians to respond effectively for vulnerable children and families.

CAFO Summit 2024 is September 18-20, 2024 (Wednesday- Friday).

In years past, 4,000 people from every state and 40 countries have joined together to support and equip each other for the world's most vulnerable. This year marks the 20th celebration!

Domestically, CAFO's More Than Enough campaign helps transform foster care until there's "More Than Enough" for children and families engaged in Child Welfare.

Dayton's Child Welfare Network is a part of this More Than Enough National Network.

List of attendees from Ohio are listed below. Email me if you plan to go. We will add you to group communication.





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