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Catalyzing Workplace Ministry

The Answer is No! Thank God.


Only 5% of working Christ-followers bring their Sunday faith to Monday work. It likely hasn't been taught or reinforced in community that "the Church" is both "the gathered" and "the scattered."

We are a loving missional people wherever we live, work, and play, and we spend much of our waking hours at work physically and/or mentally.

  • Montgomery County - 12,500 out of 250,000

  • Miami County - 1,500 out of 30,000


Increasing the number of working Christ-followers finding supportive community in the workplace; at work, near work, through digital gatherings, and peer-networks.


All working Christ-followers (300K in Greater Dayton) are integrated in work-related communities to build strength of excellence, integrity, generosity, community transformation, and love of neighbor and co-worker. To transform our workplaces with the Love of God and community.


  • Asset map existing workplace ministries throughout the region.

  • Talent-scout, convene, and empower catalytic leader teams to launch workplace ministries.

  • Interconnect workplace ministry leaders for citywide reach.

If you are currently a part of or interested in workplace ministry, fill out this form.

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