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Healthcare: Our Complex Mission Field


Healthcare is complex. Workers who follow Christ often lack a connective workplace community to navigate the tensions, stress, and opportunities for best practice.


Catalyze a regional network of Christ-following healthcare workers to build community, solve problems, and steward their healing talents together throughout Greater Dayton.


Again, Fill out this form if you are a Christ-following healthcare worker in Greater Dayton

National Associated Communities

Founded in 1978

37 seconds of the medical mission field being all around us

1-minute story of why CCHF is Daisey's Community: it started at 12 years old

Christian Community Health Fellowship (CCHF) in 90 seconds


Founded in 2010 with 50 Health Networks and 400 Members

The Coalition embraces physician wholeness, which we understand to encompass physical, mental, social, and spiritual health, which supports the embodiment of our work as a ministry of healing.


Founded in 1931 with 13,000 members

"Bringing hope and healing to the world through Christian healthcare professionals"

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