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Journey of Generosity

We all are on a Journey of Generosity, let's talk about it.


Many people don't have a living and giving plan. The joy of generosity is mutually transformative. It funds the frontier of an expanding Kingdom, warms hearts, and unclutches fists. That transformative power is leashed to a skewed mindset of scarcity of luxury. Resources Unleashed, Love Unleashed, changes everything. A lot of this Love is Leashed, transforming no one.


The Body of Christ becomes exceedingly generous and generative.


From the poor widow and her 2 pennies, to the despondent rich young ruler, every follower is on a journey of generosity that requires us stretching and trusting God. No one can serve two masters.


Watch/listen to the spirit behind "Generous Giving". Below video starts at minute 5.

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