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Mission of Marriage: Saving and Strengthening

Updated: Apr 12, 2023


  • About 1,700 divorces are filed each year in Dayton, with a total of 61,000 total divorces.

  • Healthy marriage is difficult and there are some, but limited resources and supports for the 100,000 married couples in Greater Dayton.


  • Increase the number and awareness of local supports for healthy relationships; dating, pre-marital, early years, crisis, empty-nesters, etc.


Evidence and Impact:

  • San Antonio Marriage Initiative:

    • Aligned 400 "Marriage Champions"

    • 300/365 days a year there is a gathering in San Antonio to support marriages.

    • Over 14 years, decreased the divorce rate by 24%!

    • Saved 3,000 marriages

    • Average financial cost of divorce is $38,000 per family

      • Emotional cost for parents and children is incalculable

    • Saved the city $114 Million

    • Now helping 7 other cities do the same. Dayton could be one.

12 minutes of What a Community Marriage Initiative Is

Carl Caton & 2 Dayton Marriage Champions: Carl starts at 18:13

Again, if you are interested in Marriage Work in Greater Dayton, Please Fill Out This Form.

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