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Foster Care: Stand Sunday - Every Church - Every Year

Updated: May 20


  • There are more kids waiting for families than families waiting for kids.

  • 50% of foster parents quit within the first year.

  • Stats:

    • Miami County - 60 children

    • Montgomery County - 650 children


  • Recruit More Than Enough foster, adoption, and kinship families until there are more families waiting for kids than kids waiting for families.

    • Montgomery County: 200 families

    • Miami County: 30 families

  • Create 200 wraparound support teams for each and every one of these families.

  • Create 8 support groups for all families to have access.


  1. Every church annually hosts Stand Sunday to give an update on foster care, The Church's collective response, and the activity inside the congregation.

  2. Build and grow support structures that increase retention rate from 50% to 90%:

    1. Wraparound Support Teams and Support Groups

  3. Attend City-Wide trauma-training and coaching for all interested parties - foster/adoptive parents, childcare ministry staff, other volunteers, etc.

To connect, fill out this form, and/or email Amy Tuell at and cc: myself at

Host this movie and discussion in multiple locations in Dayton


# of Congregations doing this work

  • Miami County:

    • Stand Sundays - 3 Congregations

    • Care Communities - 4 Congregations, 9 Care Communities

    • Support Groups - 1

  • Montgomery County:

    • Stand Sundays - 1 Congregation

    • Care Communities - 2 Congregations, 2 Care Communities

    • Support Groups - 0

Map: To be updated below

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