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Public Education: A Mission Field

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Public Education is a complex field. Workers who follow Christ often lack a supportive community to navigate the tensions, stress, and pressures that come with caring for our kids in public schools.


Catalyze a regional network of Christ-following educators to build refreshing and empowering community, solve problems, and steward their talents together throughout Greater Dayton.


  • Create a prayer and planning team to host a Lift Gathering on a Saturday or Sunday evening from 5-8 pm. Mike Hicks guides the team through the process and comes the first year to help execute.

    • Main tasks are find worship leaders, book the venue, caterer, and then promote.

  • Prayer and planning team hosts a deeper full-day retreat-like experience called Awake. Heather Kohnen guides the team through a similar process.

  • Throughout the year, Lift groups meet at schools to build lasting relational impact.

  • Continually asset-map all Christ-following educators and champions


National Organizations and Assets

Christian Educators - Founded in 1953 - 71 years ago

Beginning of Gathering in Schools

Sent to Love Kids, Just Like You

Awake - The One Day Experience

Amazing Podcast Episodes of Lift and Awake through Christian Educators:

Awake interview with founder - Heather Kohnen

Lift interview with founder - Mike Hicks

Rise Up Virtual Summit in late October with tons of great content.

Teach for the Heart has a 65K + newsletter, podcast, 34K+ private Facebook group, courses, workshops for PD credit, and more.

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