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The Church of Miami County

On this page, we expose what was heavily on Jesus's heart the night before he was tortured, and the folks who are doing this work around the region, state, and country.

In Miami County, we have 125 congregations and 30,000 followers of Christ. We are so excited for co-captains to know and love each other as co-captains (John 17). And for the rest of the body to be known, loved, and on mission wherever they live, work, play, and for whom their hearts break.

In Miami County, we are seeking those who are called, designed, and driven to help Jesus's Body, the Church of Miami County, function more like Jesus's Body. If you are interested in learning more or getting connected, please review this page, and then fill out this form.

Let's transform our Lands with the Relentlessly Unconditional Love of God

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