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StoryConnect was founded to help solve "The Connection Problem."


We believe societies greatest social ills and our most personal sufferings aren't alleviated because of a lack of resources, but rather, a lack of the right connections.


We make and nurture strategic connections for sustainable impact.

And impact "has a name". Impact is about human beings - personal and collective healing.

Healing people heal people. Hurting people hurt people. 

Day-by-day we get better at "the connection craft" and help others do the same.  As we do, resources flow and the world finds it's healing.

Through individual connections, thriving networks, and interconnected regional networks, we help solve the connection problem that transforms society.

Our Stories are in the making as we find and connect the people to bring forth collective action that develops communities. 

We need each other's best. We need Connection.


Let's Do This.

Image by nikko macaspac

The Story

You were born looking for someone looking for you. That continues to this day.

We live in the Greatest Love Story in the midst of the Fiercest War.  Over our lifespan we've collected and embodied corrosive lies and liberating truths. The lies you believe hurt you and hurt others. The truths you believe free you and heal others.

Here's a truth, at the Core, You are Good.

A Loving Creator didn't make you inherently bad.

When we co-create habitats that reinforce goodness, souls heal and thrive. Love. Peace.


In habitats that reinforce the opposite, souls whither and contort. War. Pain.

The Story of Life Frees Us. You are Loved, BeLoved, and Loveable. You are Good. And Your Goodness is needed.

We help co-create habitats that help souls heal so that our liberation liberates others.  It's not easy. We've heard it said from generals that "infantry wins battles, logistics wins wars".  For the Greatest Love Story to win, our logistics, strategy, tactics, and execution have to increase in excellence. And all at the speed of trust.


For freedom. For Love. Until.

Meet the Team

The Board

Other teammates

These teammates fuel connection. 

Image by Natalie Pedigo

Join the Team

Missional Volunteer:

What do you want to do, are good at, and want to accomplish? Let's explore. Fill out this form or email me.


Fill a Need Volunteer: Fill Out This Form

  • Organizing and Administrative:

    • Events, back-end systems, gatherings, you name it.​

  • Regional Mobilizers, and Facilitators:  Churches, Causes, and Communities

  • Tech: top-notch systems, workflows, liaison with big tech, and troubleshooting

  • Storytelling and Art: Design, Video, Animation, Podcast, Writing, Copy Editing, etc. 

  • Speaking and Facilitation: Presentations, Groups, etc.

Part/Full-Time Worker: Net-Dropper

Friend, if you're called, you're called. I was called to drop my nets and I've rarely looked back. I was designed for this work and you might be too. The invitation can only come from God, and often is facilitated by people. Imagine if Simon and Andrew said no and missed out on literally the grandest adventure anyone could ask for? Connect with me or fill out this form to explore what this all means.  God is abundant. 

Team-Mate: Fill Out This Form

Connect with me to explore  our overlapping missions. We'll solidify a rhythm of value-added connections and explore working together.



Do you want to fuel this work through partnership? Click here or connect with me to explore partnership options. 



Logo Explanation

Your dot is the culmination of your story. Moment-by-moment, size represents levels of freedom, capacity to love, peace, etc. Color represents however you define it. We seek to understand, accept and grow our dot until we have nothing to hide, prove, or fear.

Lines are connections between dots.  They are ever-changing relationships. A dot has everything to do with the connections and lines that effect it.

A dot, a story, a human being's life, heals over time through changing the nature and number of lines to certain dots.

If a dot is receiving a thick line of Love from another, their dot grows and is able to give more Love to others. Healing people heal people.

If a dot is traumatized by the jagged painful line of another, a dot gets smaller, and reacts with jagged lines of fighting, flighting or freezing  to others.  Hurting people hurt people.

Look down at your family, friendships, community, and city from up above.  See the social fabric.  We are catalyzing ecosystems of healing so more people can find what they need. 


I sometimes signature and email with the word "Until," 

Imagine it's evening at your home. A hellish intruder, pure evil, broke in and vowed "I will torture and kill your loved ones in front of you in the most gruesome ways imaginable... and then I'll do it to you."  Evil chases down your family when a friend walks in.


This friend says, "sir, no, do it to me." You and your whole family watch with a mix of gratitude, shock and horror.  The deed is done. Evil walks out. 


Police are called and everything is cleaned up. You all stay with other family and sleep in the same room. You go to a therapist and try to describe the events. You all attend the funeral and mourn with the others the death of who you now call "your best friend". The one who gave up their life for yours and your family.

You move back into your home but everyone still sleeps in the same room.


A week later, a knock comes at dawn.  You open the door, and it is your friend.

Your friend says, "I did it for you. That's what true Love looks like. I am will always be with you, until the end of time.  Go tell others that I love them too and that death has no sting."


 I am not certain of this story, but I am convinced. I believe this happened over 2,000 years ago and continues to this day. 

When the people of this world Love each other just like this friend did, then "the peace he leaves for us, the peace he gifts us" will be received, healing will take root, and we will fall in Love with the Tender Gaze that is always upon us, saying, "I Love You No Matter What".


Friend, relationship with that Love is a question away. "Are you real? If you know every thing about me, every wrong thing I've ever thought or done... you still, really Love me?"  If you've never asked, give it a try. 


"The world will know I have come and that I Love them, WHEN, they Love Each Other."

Until we Love Each Other.


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