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Network Awareness

Many network leaders are working to visualize social data so we have collective situational awareness of who and where our peers are at all levels of geography and interest. 

FYSA (For Your Situational Awareness)

FYSA is a daily military acronym.  Best action begins with awareness.  We need increased awareness of each other; what we are doing, what we care about, and what our struggles are so we can Love each other.


FYSA Pursuits

FYSA (both relationally and technologically) only occurs in high-trust environments where there is psychological safety.  Impact increases with freer flow of intel sharing. We are building relational trust so to steward the best technology.


Technologically, we want to visualize an inter-connecting  team of teams. Team leaders are stewarding high-trust gatherings.  We UNLEASH latent love by uncovering and deploying each person as a piece of a puzzle, a pin or soldier on the map. The Greatest Love Story is visualized and reclaims lost ground. 


We, and others around the country, are in the very early stages of utilizing the below technologies for situational awareness and agile tactical response. This will be difficult. It will require a lot of trust-building, sacrificial teamwork, seeing and behaving with each other as teammates, not rivals. 

Collaboration -Pyramid_edited.jpg
... and many more to be revealed.  Building relational APIs so to build tech APIs.

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” - Bonhoeffer


"It is grace, nothing but grace, that we are allowed to live in community." - Bonhoeffer

Bonhoeffer was teaching at a seminary when one day he took his class outside to sit on a river bank.  On the other side the Nazis were training hard. His only lesson that day was, "we need to be better than them".  Bonhoeffer was hung by the Nazis.

A famous Army saying is "Wars are Won by Logistics".  Logistics are tactical, the arriving of troops and supplies at the right place at the right time. Tech.  Logistics also hinge on the depth of relational bond to "never leave a soldier behind" to "have each others back" and for teams to function in relational unison. Density. Trust. Grace.

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