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Image by Suzanne D. Williams


UNLEASH is a process to uncover and unleash the latent love of time, talent, and treasure undeployed in your organization.

"Do you see them? Let us help."

2.5 minute story that shows what and why we do it

Is each person in their highest and best roles wherever they live, work, and play, and for whom their hearts break?

UNLEASH is most effective when 2 leaders from 3 organizations within a region do this process together. Click here for more details or Fill Out This Form

Over 1,800 undeployed hours per month have been uncovered and are in the process of deployment. 


We meet 4 times for 90 minutes each over the course of 8 months (3 hours total).  Or we can expedite if interested (my preference).  Fill out this form to inquire.


After your first UNLEASH, you are invited into a private online community of practitioners who help each other continue to UNLEASH Latent Love up, in, and out of their fellowships.

These are 3 customizable UNLEASH surveys and potentially others dependent on your needs. 

OUT (usually 1st): From congregation to community. How much time, talent, and treasure is undeployed? How many people are disconnected from how God designed them to be as an everyday missionary wherever they live, work, play, and for whom their hearts breaks?

IN (usually 2nd):  Love one another.  How well do your congregants fully know and love one another?  

UP (usually 3rd) :  From God to person. How close, intimate, and beloved do your congregants feel to God? What are their barriers to everyday abiding? 


We ask congregations to discern a monthly financial partnership investment post UNLEASH.  This fuels our co-mission and deepens our partnership to UNLEASH Latent Love throughout your congregation and region. 


UNLEASH is a process best utilized with intuitive tech.  Currently, there are different tech-tools under development to optimize this process.  In the meantime, we are practicing this process with the technology we have. As technology increases, the ability to carry-out this process will become easier. 


For now, however, our goals are these:

  1. Help congregants get used to sharing data-points that help them better connect with where God is leading them.

  2. Help APEST leaders  diminish the awareness-gap of their congregants by practicing data-extraction and review.

  3. Help APEST leaders become practiced in connecting congregants to available networks and tools.

  4. Help APEST leaders in the same region begin collaborating on shared deployment of scalable efforts.

  5. Practice healthy sustainable growth of congregant care and deployment to heal our regions.

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