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Impact networks are connected people moving in the same direction to make a positive change.  Below is a non-exclusive list of impact networks we help form, flourish, and inter-connectWhich network are you engaged with or do you want to help form or perform? Email me.

"The Main Actor on the stage of lasting cultural change is the Dense Network"
- Dr. David 
John Seel, Author of Network Power

watch 45-seconds to catch the vibe  or  4 m19 m version

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For whom does your heart break? Stories of suffering cause us to rage, weep, and mourn. You want to help. That's where Life and Joy is found.  Cause-networks interconnect like-hearted warriors and empowers collective impact . Let us help you find or create that network.  Click here to begin.

"The true warrior fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."


Affinity also means "closeness".  Whatever we are "close to", externally and internally, there is a network. Wherever we live, work, and play, there is an existing network.  We help folks locate or catalyze densifying affinity networks. Explore here.

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Family is an intergenerational complex network. The Goal of Family is to Love each other into each other's best. When we don't "Win at Home First" we lose everywhere else. We orient families to become self/other aware, healthy, and flourishing systems, no matter the composition. Click here to explore.


The Body of Christ is a network, but often weakly dense. Where you live are ___ congregations and ___ followers of Christ. We help the Body of Christ densify for optimal functioning. Click here to explore where this is happening and how you can plug-in. There are 37 trillion cells in the body, they all have to work together. 

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Organizations are networks intertwined with other networks. We believe "culture eats strategy for breakfast". The culture, or soil, of an organization leads to winning. Many resources exist to help organizations nurture a healthy and flourishing culture. We'll expose and connect you to those guides and coaches. We want you to win in all the ways you can. Click here to explore.

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