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Our simple definition of a network is: people who care about the same thing, connecting and working together, for a better outcome.  Below is a non-exclusive list of impact networks we help form, flourish, and inter-connect.


Which network are you engaged with or do you want to help form or perform? Email me.

watch 45-seconds to catch the vibe  or  4 m19 m version

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For whom does your heart break? Stories of suffering cause us to rage, weep, and mourn. You want to help. That's where Life and Joy is found.  Cause-networks interconnect like-hearted warriors and empowers collective impact . Let us help you find or create that network.  Click here to begin.

"The true warrior fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him."



Geographical Networks Intertwine people in a bounded and set to know, see, and work together. These networks take on many names and focuses. Let's help you find the kind of Geographical Network you are interested in stewarding or being a part of.

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Working Together


Workplace & Industry

Work is where we spend a majority of our time.  It should be time well spent. From pursuing healthy culture to transforming an industry, we'll expose like-hearted work-based networks. These networks help us be fulfilled, connected and on-mission together.  


Affinity - The Catch-All Network

Affinity means "similarity".  Almost any context, idea, or interest you can think of, a group or a region-wide network can exist for it.  What comes to mind for you? To give you an example, we are processing through a city-wide "refirement network" for folks who want to refire connected, instead of retire disconneted.

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Where we are in Process

These 3 above pages are in development. At one point we had different names for these networks so we are re-working and retooling.  Click here if you'd like to view our current catalog of networks.  Will hopefully finalize for your soon.

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Craft: Create & Densify A Network

"The Main Actor on the stage of lasting cultural change is the Dense Network"

- Dr. David John Seel, Author of Network Power

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