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Image by Iswanto Arif

"I'll go into the pit...

...if you hold the ropes."  Rope holders are vital.  They invest in frontiers of Love Unleashed. Our team of rope holding resource partners are the life-blood of this work. We are truly one team, co-laboring on mission.  Begin partnering by clicking here or completing the form below

This green box is extra long to make room for pages 2 and 3 of the partner platform :)

Thank You, Love to You

Many hands make light work

344 people came together on July 30, 1988 to move a flooding barn to dry land. Each person held about 55 pounds. 4,000 spectators cheered them on.  A true connector, Farmer Herman rallied and aligned individual energy to become a team. He transformed an unusable barn to be usable for good works.  He embodied the old saying, "many hands make light work."


StoryConnect role models and elevates this connective principle in all forms of time, talent, and treasure to alleviate suffering.  If your heart is tugged, I'm inviting you to consider partnering monthly at any amount. We would love for you to join the team and hold the ropes (or part of the barn) to fuel the mission.

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