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When a fish is asked, "how's the water?", the fish responds, "what water?". Starting at conception, your family's complex generational history is the water you swim in. We help families heal so individuals can flourish.

To be updated: as of 3/27/23
Win at Home First

"Home" - an impossible word to define.


For some, home is heavenly. For others, home is hell. For some, home is an unattainable and frustrating ideal. For others, "there is no place like home".  Home, physically, relationally, and generationally, is the soil we grow up in and co-create as we grow.


No one wants to "lose at home". However, so often, we feel like we collect so many more wins at work, with friends, in the digital world, really in every arena where our ugliest and most shameful sides aren't revealed.  Our deepest regrets usually involve not Loving our families well, Losing at Home. 

The reasons why we don't Love our families well has everything to do with unhealed stories, lies we believe about ourselves. Unhealed, we live with something to hide, prove, and fear. Healed, we catch ourselves when triggered, and try to live in freedom, with nothing to hide, prove, or fear.  We can be both fully known and fully loved. 


Healing people, heal people, and Love much better.  Hurt people, hurt people, often reactively and unintentionally.  We might be numerically older, but emotionally and spiritually, we are stunted and reactive to the moments of wounding.  Depending on our story, we might have unhealed paper cuts, broken bones, or concussions. 


The universal law of healing is like taking out a sliver or resetting a broken bone.  Healing is painful, but not hurtful. The only way through it is through it. We must look honestly at ourselves, face our pain, confront the memory, and have guides, both God and human, to rewrite the story.


I recently heard a great definition of healing, "Gaining God's Perspective".  Only then do we believe the truth about ourselves and that moment.  There are many pathways to healing, but first, we must take inventory. Below is an assessment, resources, and music that illuminates pathways to healing. 

For your own sake, your families sake, and really for everyone you encounter, I want you to embrace, invest and benefit from a lifelong healing relationship with God and others.  You can do this.

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