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What do you need?

1. Disconnect from present distractions.

2. Connect with yourself, your past, for healing. 

3. Steward your a future steps.

How can we help?




"The greatest present you can give someone is your presence. What prevents you from being present is what you have to work on.  What distracts you from being present? Let's decrease distractions to make space for your true and loveable self to emerge. 

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Your maladaptive thoughts, feelings, and behaviors come from somewhere.  You have pain buried. You and your relationships suffers. Lies from the past cage you subconsciously. Healing is liberation. It's deep hard work. It's worth it. It's the only way. 

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Man Sitting
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What do you want for your relationships? What are you designed to do? What wants to be unleashed?  Let's find your people and chart your story.  Breathe-by-breathe, practice becoming lighter, and you will Win at Home First and Everywhere Else.

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We are your connector.
Your short-term guide to long-term transformation.

There are many resources out there to connect you to. You have a connection problem.


If you are looking for 1:1 coaching-like sessions, I offer sessions for $75/hour.


Our sessions guide you into light profile-building, exploring your past, present, and future. I speed up your transformational journey by providing orientation, awareness, and connections you can access to help you take multiple free next steps in a variety of dimensions in your life. 

We only need about 3 sessions and then a check-in session 6-12 months later.


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