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Greater Dayton

pop est: 1,674,102 

StoryConnect is a part of the Unify Dayton efforts. Below is a high-level snapshot: stats, networks forming, and goals 

Leveraging network science...

...we are relationally intertwining a growing number of teams and their leaders so intel and operations can occur with greater speed and sustainability.  This is a "Team of Teams" model and strategy. Newer technology tools will grease the skids to help folks find each other and remain connected and on mission. 


When spiritual, civic, and business leaders commit to long-term missional friendship, we densify the Body. We Unleash more Latent Love to meet the needs of everyone in a region. We circulate the Love as we practice humble, hungry and smart leadership.  Trust is a metric, measured by the free-flow of information; always nurturing an ecosystem of collaboration and generosity.


  • 4 long-standing Christian community-based teams

  • 6 Hope4Communities began to develop starting in 2014

  • 8-12 remaining areas to begin convening (in thin red)

Linked here are our forming cause teams and toolshed of tools.

Pure evil hunts to destroy each heart. Pure Love pursues us to the end of the earth, every moment of eternity, inviting (never manipulating) us into a safe and trustable relationship. The goal: we remain connected to the source of the Greatest Love Story as we engage in the fiercest war. As we experience this intimate reality, we become family. We heal each others lies and partner with Love to liberate others.  Family is team, and as we soldier together, in multiple flanks (causes), we reclaim lost ground.  The Greatest Love Story expands; restoring soil, stories, and souls. 

Image by Karl Magnuson

Gardeners, Family Members, Teammates, Soldiers, Co-labors, Agepatos: 1,674,102

People aren't pawns. Each person is an infinitley valuable treasure.  Each soul crafted unique with gifts to share with the world. Every soul is a story requiring rhythms of healing and training. Formation is knowing BeLoved Identity (Up), becoming BeLoved Community (In), and UNLEASHing BeLovedness (Out) into the world.  Forming more into the image of Love, we light darkened corners of Greater Dayton, together.  "The World will Know I have come when they Love (Agape) each other".  Early followers of Christ used to call each other "agepatos", the Loved ones.  Person-by-person, team-by-team, we never forget that God leaves the masses for the one.  We join the revolution by becoming the Body, learning how to Love each other; being a united front.

Latent Love


In Greater Dayton, we are practicing the art and science of strategically connecting stories so all 1, 674, 102 people can live a life of more love, life, and freedom.  Latent Love is waiting for us tap. The water wants to flow, not sit and stale.  Love and Light is waiting to transform each of us.  To guide us into generating tight-knit families and communities of flourishing where no one has anything to hide, prove, or fear.  We are binding together those who are on a healing journey, in circles of health, centered around community and cause, to bring about more healing.  These connecting efforts envision gaps-filled, needs met, people taken care of, Love Unleashed and circulating in an ecosystem of restored, rich and fertile soil.  

The image above depicts a chasm needing to be crossed. The path is unclear. We are co-laboring with other interested builders to construct foot-bridges that lead to suspension bridges that eventually will result in a superhighway.  We are co-discerning strategic frameworks for sustainable long-term impact.  All strategies hinge on the strength of loving and committed friendships. 


As we grow our collective strength, we hope the energy we invest some how meets a need for you.  And as it goes, you enrich your life through Unleashing Love to meet someone else's need.  Until the World Knows that Love has a name, a face, and will always look upon you with a tender gaze. You are good. 

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