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Every Leader

Updated: Mar 15

Leader (noun): Any person with influence overseeing others within an organization (for-profit, non-profit, govt, school, church, etc.)


Leaders face a constantly changing environment. In most cultures, remaining on solid footing is a huge challenge. For leaders who lead themselves poorly; their employees, culture, volunteers, mission, profit, and family suffer. We believe this is a pervasive issue; costing trillions


Every Leader on a pathway to health and in an ecosystem of individual and communal support.


Every Leader engaging in the majority of following supports:

  1. Coach (individual)

  2. Cohort (group)

  3. Confidant (deep friendships)

  4. Counselor

  5. Content (life-giving & applicable)

  6. Care-Extended: Journeys of Generosity


  • Map all existing leadership resources (people, events, etc.) in a region.

  • Map estimated number of leaders by sector within a region.

  • Interconnect leaders of leaders, coaches and mentors, to track number of existing leaders in Individual and Group Coaching.

  • Develop ongoing rhythmic and collaborative trust-filled community.

  • Utilize events like Live2Lead, Global Leadership Summit, Leadercast, and other regional leadership events as community-builders and feeder systems to recruit more leaders into this healthy-leader ecosystem.

  • Establish collective goals by sector and resource and track results

Inspirational Reinforcement:

  • "When you become better, we all become better".

  • "As goes the leader, so goes the organization."

  • "Everything rises and falls on leadership."

  • "You can Win both at work, and at home. Win at Home First."

If you are interested in co-leading or being a part of Every Leader, fill out this form.

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