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Image by Daniel Peters

Regions Transforming

A region is already a "meta-network", a network-of-networks. We help reveal and interconnect these networks for regional transformation.


We focus on both the worms-eye-view (individual) and the birds-eye-view (regions) for regions to heal and grow together.  Transformation is only possible when all layers are a part of the strategy. 

Below are tools and frameworks to help you transform your region.

Image by Suzanne D. Williams


Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is when we asset-map existing efforts and Latent Love (time, talent, and treasure), Then we connect the dots and Unleash more Love. Explore here.


All gatherings matter. How a gathering is presented, designed and executed propels or slows the "why" behind the gathering.  We help design gatherings to bring the most connection, clarity, and momentum to your why. Explore here.

Circle of people

“Connection doesn’t happen on it’s own. You have to design your gatherings for the kinds of connections you want to create.”
- Priya Parker, The Art of Gathering

Image by Mandy Choi


"Regional transformation" interconnect these networks through the connection craft for resources to flow to areas of greatest need. We help build relational trust and strategic alignment so all parts work efficiently and in tandem for maximum sustainable impact. Explore here.


Who does this work? Nationwide, these impact networks are becoming discoverable, visualized, and social.  We connect these networks through awareness, introductions and gatherings to help them thrive and work together. We're not alone.  On the next page we'll expose ways we are activating connections.

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