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International Care: Buy with Love. Become a Conscious Consumer

Updated: Jan 3

< 90 seconds: Your Choice Creates Theirs

What is the True Cost of what you used, wore and ate today?


The poorest 2 billion people in the world are trapped in dangerous and unhealthy systems. 50 million of them are slaves. Often we feel overwhelmed by the issues and disempowered with our small contributions.

We all use slaves. I have 32 slaves working for me. Watch 90 second video.


Increase collective buying power to vetted international organizations who focus on holistic human development through employment and/or services.


  • Asset-map local businesses who sell empowering ethical products (see map below)

  • Asset-map folks in Greater Dayton who routinely purchase ethical products from local and online businesses. See ethical brand directory.

    • If you are someone in Greater Dayton who is interested in conscious consumerism to care for people internationally, Please Fill Out This Form.

  • Gather regularly

  • Anonymously track collective buying power

  • Create a speakers bureau training to increase awareness of ethical consumption and invite others to join the community and contribute their transactions.

  • Dashboard the impact

Catch the Vibe of Artisanal Hope in 2 minutes

Where the coffee from Hemisphere Coffee Roasters (Mechanicsburg, Ohio) comes from

The 2-minute story behind dignified clothes

These 57 seconds are Bananas!

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