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Calling All Creatives

Creatives (noun): All people who manipulate sensory mediums to influence our world for the better. Creatives are story-tellers, beauty-makers, transcendence-guides, reality-confronters, and so much more.

19 second video, catch the vibe

"When the craftsmen arise, the enemy is terrified" - Zechariah 1:21


We are assaulted by a twisted 24/7 breaking news cycle that robs us of perspective and hope. We often live unaware of the beautiful frontiers where Love is on the move.

Often, Creatives are either disempowered, unsupported, or absorbed in overwhelming work that rarely exposes Light invading the darkness.


Replace the 24/7 news cycle with the Good News Cycle.


To manifest a highly-connected network of empowered and supported creatives to create Life-giving content that fuels our awareness of Love manifested on earth. Awareness leads to action. These stories will fuel action of time, talent, and treasure Unleashed into the world.


  • Similar to CCN, asset-map creatives.

  • Begin catalyzing large and small group gatherings by medium and cause (see form).

  • Interconnect with frontline workers in multiple causes.

  • Manifest collaborative visions and projects.

  • Begin showcasing and find funding from: individuals, crowd-sourcing, foundations, businesses, congregations, etc. Manifest sustainable funding streams for creatives.

  • Solve Big Problems Together.

the extent of my visual creativity, let's connect the dots and change the landscape

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