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Trauma-Competent City: Dayton

Updated: Feb 28


Trauma and it's life-long effects deteriorates souls and society.

Many leaders and frontline workers are not competent in recognizing and appropriately responding to people effected by trauma.

Thus, we misunderstand ourselves. For those we are closest to and hold most dear, we aren't Loving them as much as we'd like. And for those who are most suffering, we are not aiding them along their healing journey like we want to.


Dayton becomes the first "Trauma-Competent City".


  • Asset Map:

    • trauma-competency trainers, coaches, and equippers:

    • equipped and experienced trauma-competent individuals and organizations within the region based on industry; mental-health professionals, etc.

  • Interconnect equippers for collective deployment

  • Create a gap-analysis of those who need equipping: by sector, availability and priority

  • Create goals and a plan to equip the region

  • Create master-regional calendar of in-person trainings to increase attendance and connectivity and decrease duplication of trainings

  • Utilize below national resources and others to track and grow number of folks equipped

Watch this 2-minute video to understand the problem and solution

Equipping Resources Filtered by Focus Area:

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