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Mobilizing a Support Group Army

"We need consistent time, relationship, and shared-strength with people who can complete our sentences." - Jayne Schooler


  • People are suffering alone, without intimacy or strategy to heal from past wounds and navigate future struggles. Relational unhealth is the greatest barrier to societal health.


  • The Body of Christ, in tandem, hosts support groups for all populations to meet all needs.

    • Greater Dayton: 240K followers + 1,400 buildings = 11,000 slots/week to host groups.



  • Map all existing support groups by demographic and schedule.

  • Interconnect like-focused support group leaders. Assess strength and needs.

  • Create a support group gap-analysis: demographic, place, and time.

  • Create goals around for each demographic based on needs of population.

  • Assess latent congregational interest in leading/hosting support groups and other ministries based on demographic. Goal: all followers find their highest and best role.

  • Mobilize Body of Christ into roles:

    • Organizers, facilitators, cooks, childcare workers, etc.

  • Continually assess and meet needs of support group leaders and facilitators.

  • Share support group map and metrics with anchor institutions and front-line workers; School Districts, Children's Services, Courts, Police, ADAMHS Board, Hospitals, Community Mental Health Agencies, etc.

In the United States, starting in the 1980's, we have had a sharp decline in "social capital". We lack bonding-capital (with those who are similar to us and bridging-capital (with those unlike us). We must restore the communal social fabric. We need spaces where we can foster both, thus the need for massive city-wide ecosystem of support groups.
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