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Physical Health Network: Health is Wealth

50 seconds - Helping Us Move

Our Physical Health effects all other dimensions of our lives.


  • We often over or under emphasize our personal physical health at the detriment to ourselves and others.

  • Our society's physical health culture is largely unhealthy.

  • We rarely focus on preventative health.


  • Create a regional interconnected network of health-focused practitioners and laypeople to help ourselves and communities become healthier.

Strategy (regional):

  • Asset map people and organizations who focus on Physical Health in Greater Dayton

  • Create a regional map with health organizations, individuals and services.

  • Create a regional calendar with events, trainings, etc.

  • Gathering by interest area 3x year and staying connected virtually.

  • Gather for an annual conference for all interested parties.

Playlist of Physical Health Videos (Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, etc.)

-B.J. Palmer - son of Daniel D. Palmer. Founder of Chiropractic

Again, if you to want to connect with others and help us all be healthier, Please Fill Out This Form.

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