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Mobilizing Youth Mentors

Updated: Dec 18, 2023


Thousands of children in every country are struggling and suffering. 1% of adults mentor youth.

  • Montgomery County - 50,000 children

  • Miami County - 7,000 children


Increase the number of adults mentoring youth, from 1% to 10%. Every child is one caring adult away from a success story.

  • Miami County - 800 (1%) ---> 8,000 (10%)

  • Montgomery County - 4,000 (1%) ---> 40,000 (10%)

Mission: Until there is More Than Enough -

  • Youth mentors for every child needing a mentor

  • Caring adults supporting and starting after-school programs for every child needing a safe and healing space after-school.

  • Volunteers to watch children at support groups: single parents, domestic abuse survivors, etc.

This vision-casting has resulted in the The Mentoring Partnership in Miami County. This Collective Impact Model could be replicated in your county, city, or region as well.

Strategy for Your County:

  • Map all existing youth-facing organizations: mentoring programs, after-school programs, youth groups, schools, etc. Assess strength, needs, and growth capacity.

  • Interconnect youth leaders rhythmically.

  • Create a region-wide youth-engagement gap-analysis.

  • Create goals for each demographic based on needs of population and current org capacity.

  • Capture wide-scale interest data using a process similar to Unleash or Every Child.

  • Amongst youth-leaders, continually mobilize individuals into their best fit, monitor retainment and success, and create individual and collective opportunities for growth.

"...And How Are the Children?"

...can we say, "And the Children are Well."?

these are "Our Kids"

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