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Alleviating Poverty: Healing + Work

Problem: 81,000 + people (15.2%) are living in poverty in Greater Dayton. Thousands more are struggling to make ends meet.

Solution: Multi-faceted collective impact approach to asset-based community development.

1-minute Oath for Compassionate Helpers: And Above All, I will do no harm.


  • Asset-map all people and organizations working to alleviate poverty.

  • Small and large group gatherings based on interest and location

  • Create collective goals and shared metrics

  • Assess and Mobilize others to engage in poverty alleviation work using tools like Unleash


Greater Dayton's Local Guide & Equipper, Think Tank:

National Guides:


Enterprise Solutions to Poverty is the most comprehensive field-guide of it's kind.


For Christ-followers: A deeper look at the root causes of Poverty



Again, if you are involved/interested in poverty alleviation in Greater Dayton -

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