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Domestic Abuse: Caring Well for the Abused

Problem: 1 in 3 women experience violence from a man. See more Ohio stats here.

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More people becoming equipped in awareness, prevention, and healing of survivors and perpetrators of domestic abuse; women, children, and men.


  • Asset-map all resources (shelters, counselors, advocates, survivor-leaders, equipped congregations, support groups, abuser interventionists, advocacy organizations, etc.)

  • Gather all resource leads and discuss how to help the community Care Well for the Abused.

  • Establish community-wide goals for prevention, survivor services, donation streamlining, abuser services, and congregation-based goals.

  • Hold a non-logoed Candlelight Vigil every year for the number of homicide victims and survivors in Greater Dayton.

    • There were 112 deaths from domestic violence in Ohio in 2022.

  • For Congregations (in Greater Dayton):

to go deeper

Again, if you are interested/involved in Domestic Abuse work in Greater Dayton,

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