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Caring for Single Parents & Their Children

Can you imagine being a single parent?


Thousands of single parents in every region are struggling with a myriad of stressors, creating cycles of vulnerability for the family unit, especially the children.

  • Montgomery County - 20,000 single parents with 37,000 children in those homes

  • Miami County - 3,700 single parents with 7,000 children in those homes


Increase the number of support structures for single parents through a multi-tiered approach, where each stable family is contributing to the stability of single parent households.


Until there is More Than Enough:

  • Support groups coordinated and mapped throughout a region for each population subset (single moms, single dads, domestic abuse, divorce care, recovery, etc.)

  • Youth mentors, tutors, and other support structures for every child needing healthy relationships

  • Employment: coaches, opportunity for advancement, and social business network to employ them.

  • Marriage-rich resourcing throughout a region to prevent unnecessary divorce

  • When necessary, team wraparound support, like a Care Community

  • Congregations equipped with resources, triaging, and relational skills to best steward the journey of single-parenting


  • Map all existing resources

  • Interconnect front-line resource leaders

  • Create a region-wide gap-analysis

  • Share existing resources and gaps with community leaders, government, congregational, school, non-profit, etc.

  • Create goals around each need of the population

  • Capture wide-scale interest data using a process similar to Unleash to plug people into roles to increase quantity, quality, and sustainability of resources

  • Continue to refer single parents to resources for greater health of individuals, families and communities

If interested in caring for single parents, please email me at or leave a comment below.

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