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Nature Network: Healing in & Caring for our Home

1 funny minute about Nature

Nature connects us to ourselves and the divine.


  • We don't spend enough time in nature for personal and collective healing.

  • We don't care for creation in a way that honors our home.


  • Go out into nature

  • Cultivate plants inside

  • Do our individual and collective part to care for creation.

Strategy (regional):

  • Asset map people and organizations who love healing in and caring for Nature in Greater Dayton: Please Fill Out This Survey

  • Engage in the Annual Rhythm and Celebration of The Living City Project

  • Connect like-interested individuals for smaller and larger group gatherings

1-minute Annual City-Wide Spring Cleaning - The Living City Project

128 TONS of Trash (256,000 pounds) picked up in one day!

1-minute to remind us, This is Our Home

30 seconds - gardening/horticultural therapy

Restorative Gardening for women with hard stories in Columbus, Ohio

90 seconds: growing resilience with the Gangsta Gardener

Complete Playlist - Enjoying, Healing In, and Caring For Nature

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