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Child Welfare Network of Greater Dayton

Updated: Apr 24

170 Collective Hours Together

Distributing strength and suffering adaption

Problem in Greater Dayton:

  • 15,000 phone calls per year (40/day) of suspected abuse and neglect

  • 1,000 families under investigation child abuse and neglect (Mont Co.)

  • 1,000 children in care; foster homes, kinship, and group homes (Mont. & surrounding)

  • 80 kids aging out of care:

    • 87% of girls get pregnant within the first 2 years

    • 91% of boys go to jail, prison, some kind of corrections and record

    • 3% complete an associates degree

    • feeder-system for human trafficking

  • 50% of foster parents quit within the first year


  • To become a sustainable trust-based team for those who intersect with Child Welfare… Until There is More Than Enough.

  • Every person finding their fit in caring for kids and families involved in Child Welfare.

Mission: Until there is More Than Enough:

  1. Foster and kinship Families to have an ideal placement,

  2. Adoptive Families for all kids waiting to be adopted,

  3. Help for Bio families seeking to stabilize or reunify,

  4. Wrap-Around Support for all struggling families,

  5. And the empowerment and equipping of all wounded-healers

Watch 1-minute video to catch the vibe

Watch 9-minute video to hear the Vision from Jason Weber, the Leader of More Than Enough.


  1. Map all existing Child Welfare advocates, workers, organizations and tools.

  2. Interconnect regularly for trust-building:

    1. Monthly from 1-2, rotating between virtual and in-person.

    2. Kindly fill out this form prior to joining your first team huddle.

  3. Create objectives, strategies, and capacities around each goal.

  4. Capture wide-scale interest data using a process similar to Stand Sunday & Survey, Unleash or Every Child.

  5. Mobilize everyone into finding their highest and best role.

Greater Dayton Teammates Based on MTE Goals

Existent in our area (video playlist)

Non-existent in our area (video playlist)

  1. Foster and Kinship Families to have an ideal placement:

    1. Foster:

      1. Recruitment: Stand Sunday to all local churches

      2. Retainment: Wraparound Teams - Care Communities and Support Groups

    2. Kinship:

      1. Recruitment: Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE), Connect Our Kids (Tech Volunteers)

      2. Retainment: Kinship Support Groups, 6 OhioKan staff

  2. Adoptive Families for all kids waiting to be adopted

    1. Recruitment: Collaborative Family Engagement (CFE), America’s Kids Belong,

    2. Retainment: Support Groups, Care Communities

  3. Help for Bio families seeking to stabilize or reunify:

    1. Physical Items & Connection: CarePortal

    2. Hosting & Relational Connections: Safe Families

    3. Youth Mentoring

    4. Addiction/Recovery: Filterable map of all groups in an area (ReLink)

    5. Single Parenting: Support Groups

    6. Domestic Abuse: Domestic Abuse Groups

    7. Employment: Current workforce development programs & Work-Life

  4. Wrap-Around Support for all families:

    1. support groups and care communities

  5. Empowerment & Equipping of all people-helpers:

    1. Isaiah117 House

    2. Greater Dayton (local): Community Impact Center

    3. Greater Dayton (conferences and events):

    4. Virtual Conferences: Replanted (Fall), Hope for the Journey (Spring)

    5. Online training: Trauma Free World, TBRI

    6. In-Person Experiential Training: Life in Limbo

    7. Trauma-Informed/Skilled Church Staff/Volunteers and Children’s Ministries:

      1. INCM for Children’s Ministry

      2. Reaching Hurting Kids Workshop & Book

Other Resources to be added:

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