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More Than Enough before, during, and beyond Foster Care in Ohio

Updated: Jan 8

Annual Ohio Child Welfare Stats (2021 HHS report*, also see JFS data portal)

  • 105,000 allegations of abuse and neglect

  • 25,000 children confirmed abuse and neglect

  • 15,500 children in care; foster homes, kinship, and group homes

  • 7,600 licensed foster homes in Ohio (*)

  • 3,500 orphans, adoptable children, the government is their parent

  • 1,300 kids aged out of care:

    • 87% of girls get pregnant within the first 2 years

    • 91% of boys go to jail, prison, some kind of corrections and record

    • 3% complete an associates degree

    • most highly correlated feeder-system for domestic human trafficking

  • 50% of foster parents quit within the first year


  • To become a sustainable trust-based network of networks throughout Ohio for those who intersect with Child Welfare… Until There is More Than Enough.

  • Every person finding their fit in caring for kids and families involved in Child Welfare.

Mission: Until there is More Than Enough:

  1. Foster and Kinship Families to have an ideal placement:

    1. Foster - recruit 26,000 more foster homes (2.2 * number of children)

    2. Kinship - Utilize tools like Connect Our Kids, Collaborative Family Engagement, Kinnect Ohio, and OhioKan to increase recruitment/retainment of kinship placements

  2. Adoptive Families for all kids waiting to be adopted,

    1. Recruit and retain foster and kinship providers for most natural placement

  3. Help for bio-families seeking to stabilize or reunify,

    1. Mobilize a Support Group Army and Youth Mentors

    2. Care for Single Parents

    3. Housing

    4. CarePortal

  4. Wraparound Support for all struggling families

    1. Mobilize Wraparound support for foster, kinship, and adoptive families

  5. And the equipping of all wounded-healers

    1. Become a Trauma-Competent State


  1. Asset-map current Child Welfare champions throughout Ohio.

    1. Please Fill Out This Form if You Are a Child Welfare Champion in Ohio

  2. Throughout Ohio, build regionally densifying networks of Child Welfare advocates, workers, organizations and tools. Similar to Child Welfare Team of Greater Dayton

  3. Create objectives, strategies, and capacities around each of the More Than Enough goals and begin transforming one's region through collective impact and capacity building.

  4. Capture and connect wide-scale interest data using processes like Stand Sunday & Survey, Unleash and Every Child.

  5. Mobilize everyone into their highest and best role to care for kids and families in Child Welfare.

... Until There's More Than Enough

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